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Welcome to Kamesei Ryokan.
The gentle music of the wild songbirds in the background...
A relaxing cup of osencha tea in your tatami mat guest room...
The rustic irori hearth in the lobby...
Everywhere restful views of the garden, expressing the changes of the four seasons, spring blossoms, verdant summer, fall colors, and winter white...
All giving you a sense of time and place; of here and now; a reinvigorating reminder of who you are.
Welcome to the magic of the traditional Japanese onsen ryokan.
Welcome to Kamesei.


Address: 2-15-1 Kamiyamada Onsen,
Chikuma City, Nagano Pref. 389-0821 Japan
*Telephone: (026)275-1032
*Facsimile: (026)276-1032 (24 hours)

信州 戸倉上山田温泉 旅館 露天風呂 温泉

戸倉上山田温泉 旅館「亀清」
〒389-0821 長野県千曲市上山田温泉2-15-1